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What is best time to book newborn session?
You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy. You can book with an estimated due date, we will then make a tentative booking and when you deliver baby and arrive at home with your baby you can book a suitable day and time when baby is between 7-12 days New!

Why to photograph newborns between 7-12 days of age?

Newborn photo sessions are recommended for babies under 12 days of age with the optimum time being 4-10 days. This is because babies are sleepiest, and easiest to settle during this time and easy to wrap.  Photo sessions held after 12 days frequently run for an hour or so longer as babies are harder to settle and more wakeful. Babies need to be in a deep sleep to achieve this pose which involves parent support.

Where your session is held?
Your newborn session will take place in our new home studio in Modbury, Adelaide.
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