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Hi Beautiful! Thank you so much for being here. 

Maternity sessions takes up to 2 hours in customised home studio Based in Modbury Heights. Sessions are held when mum is between 28-34 weeks pregnant and When mumma's glow is at it best. This is the time to get out of those sweats, get your hair and make-up done and put on one of my beautiful maternity gowns. Maternity photography sessions can be as simple as you want or as intanse you are comfortable with.

I have internationally sourced designer maternity gowns, fabrics and other accessesories in my wardrobe to select from. 


Collection starts from $399. You can choose any Payment methods from  Cash, direct deposit, Credit/Debit or PayPal (including 10% GST)

 Session fees are payable at the time of booking.

Best time to book matenity session is when you entered in second trimester. 



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